Monday, August 23, 2010

One Hell of a Run

It's been 20 years, minus a few years of turmoil, not speaking to each other, and changing some guitarist out for The Black Crowes.  There epic run began in 1990 when the Brothers of a Feather, Chris and Rich Robinson released their first single.  From that moment on, I became a fan. 

There sound has gone through many diverse tunings over the years, but so did the Stones and the Beatles.  That is why they have survived through the changing tides of music.  It's about being a chameleon.  It's about celebrating the sound  Lets face it, it's about not letting go of something that makes you feel good!  There sound, ounce per ounce, is worth its weight in gold, my friend and ff you haven't seen a show, this is your last time you will catch these guys for a while. 

This blog will help keep the flame burning, while the band is on hiatus.  I am counting on all of you to post stories, experiences and questions to fuel the anticipation of their return.  Please tell all about this blog by sharing a link on your website.

Peace Anyway,


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