Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Can There Ever Be A Perfect Playlist?

I was loading up the mp3 player with the perfect playlist, chalked full with everything from Anita Baker to Warren Zevon. I thought this was it. I finally have a playlist that will soothe the beasts at the workplace. It should have all the bases covered, yet by the second song, Neil Young has offended two people and I am ridiculed for putting one of the legends of rock & roll on the playlist. About an hour later I hear from someone in the back, “if I hear another Cake song, I will go postal.” Can there ever be a “perfect playlist?”

Why is it that people can’t get through a song these days? We all used to do it listening to the radio. Remember when MTV actually played videos and we would watch it all day just to catch the latest Bon Jovi video? We would put up with Cindy Lauper and Simple Minds and not think twice about changing the channel. Well, the luxury of having everything controlled in our life by the touch of a button has left us spoiled and rotten. Next, not in the mood for that one…next, that’s too slow…next, oh yeah I haven’t heard that one in a while…next. Before you know it, you are pushing the next button more than you are actually listening to the music. Maybe a heavy dose of music Adderall is what this world needs.

What would be on your perfect playlist??? Let me have it. I am in the search of the “perfect playlist” and I want your feedback. Post your songs in the comment section of this article.

By Dan Allen

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